Where can I find the VPU on VisionFive 2?

Hi, Sorry for my naive question. But, where is the VPU on VisionFive 2?

I noticed from https://rvspace.org/en/project/Building_StarFive_Debian_Image, VPU driver is to be built. However, shouldn’t it come with a corresponding physical hardware?

In this VisionFive 2 Specification, nowhere mentions the VPU, but only a JH7110 CPU + Imagination GPU.

Can anybody please highlight on the board, where is the VPU unit?

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VPU is video encoder/decoder.


Got you … Thank you …

But, normally, the VPU is used for AI acceleration? Any sample code for AI purpose?
Or, this VPU is specifically for video processing encoding/decoding?

AI acceleration is NPU ( neural network processing unit ).
JH7110 is not include. You can try GPU with 7110.
JH7100 is have a NNE (Neural Network Engine) module to accelerated AI .


You can run some model using OpenCL on VF2 GPU, but don’t expect it to be fast.


Quite clear . Thank you …