What is the starfive-jh7110-202308-nvme-minimal-desktop.img.bz2 for?

What is the starfive-jh7110-202308-nvme-minimal-desktop.img.bz2 for?

Is this for nvme installation?

If yes, how to install it into a SSD?

Thank you!

Boot from SD or eMMC and write the image. Or connect the SSD to another machine (USB enclosure, or perhaps second slot?) and write the image there.

I did this, booted from SD card with the NVME plugged in. Then running from the SD card, downloaded the NVME image, and DD’ed it to the connected NVME. From there (along with 3.5.0ish uboot etc) I could boot from NVME


What is your power supply ?

A quick web search for “Patriot P300 128GB watt” gives:
Power Consumption: 2.07 Watt (maximum) ¦ 0.37 Watt (idle)

And a search for VisionFive 2 (8GB RAM) gives (which I assume is with nothing attached to the USB ports, no network traffic and no NVMe connected):

Idle 1 core Half cores All cores
4 cores 7.4 W 10.4 W 11.2 W

But the official VF2 specification for the board list 18 watts as the minimum.

During boot I would expect everything to use maximum power.

If you saw a normal login and have a prompt (login and password), but nothing you type is shown the other possibility is that the serial TX pin from the USB-to-3.3v-uart is not connected to the RX pin on the VF2. (Or, hopefully not, if the USB2uart is 5 volts instead of 3.3 volts it has probably permanently damaged the RX GPIO pin on the VF2.