Webrtc-noise-gain for risc-v?

Dear community!

On my VF2 I have Home Assistant almost completely finished. Only webrtc-noise-gain can’t be build and thus a few functions (cloud, mobile-app, …) from HA does not work.

This is a known issue: RISC-V support: What's needed? · Issue #18 · rhasspy/webrtc-noise-gain · GitHub

Was anyone able to compile a working risc-v binary for webrtc-noise-gain?

Are you using this overlay?

I have quickly created a patch which will allow it to build but I am not able to test it.

Try the following ebuild and let me know if it works.
You may need to edit the ebuild to add the ~riscv keyword

webrtc-noise-gain.tgz (1.8 KB)


Andrew! This works! We have now Home Assistant running on a VisionFive2 RISC-V board :star_struck: That’s really amazing! This is my first real use case for this board.

I’ve not used any overlay. I’ve tried some things with this:

But in the end I followed straight these steps:

Some packages and libraries needed to be added by hand. I’ve copied the result from your ebuild by hand into the python venv and it worked out of the box. But maybe it makes more sense to include your patch into the overlay from onkelbeh?

Looks like there is now also a experimental docker container for RISC-V:


Thank you!!!

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I have also posted the raw patch on the github site as part of the issue that was raised. Hopefully they will add it so you you will not have issues building it in future.