Web Browsers related help

Hi fellow risc-v pioneers!

I have few questions about the available browsers:

  1. The Web (epiphany) browser doesn’t seem to work. It crashes after few seconds with the message: Aborted (core dump). I reinstalled it but didn’t help. Any ideas?

  2. The Firefox browser although installed, it is not part of the official repository. I realized that to my surprise after I dnf remove it. I tried to dnf install it again but it is not available. The original packages had the @koji-f33-build-1216 repository as origin. How do I add that repository to my repolist?

  3. Chromium Browser was mentioned long time ago that is going to be ported but nothing yet on the official repository. There is a github code repository with instructions: GitHub - starfive-tech/riscv-chromium-patch
    Are we supposed to cross compile it ourselves? When is it going to be included in the distribution?

  4. Midori Browser does not work. It always gives the message: Ops, something went wrong…

Please anyone having some advice reply here.
Thank you

Web browser, Firefox is the one that currently supports better on visionfive.It is recommended to use Firefox.

Something for me
I use lubuntu and I cannot found chromium or Firefox
But epiphany and Midori work and can visit my blog (https://sy.sa) and google homepage
other websites will make it crash

But Firefox in fedora was best option ( I like lubuntu more because lightweight )

When I was in fedora I cloud access github google youtube and play some videos ( only few frames rendered the rest is dropped every second)

Thank you both for the reply.

But as I said I can’t reinstall Firefox from the fedora repository, it is not there!

Do I need to reinstall the whole image again from the beginning on the micro-sd card? Is there a way to reinstall Firefox?


we’ll give you a reply later.

Thank you Julie, I am waiting for your answer.

Repo is not included by default.
you can try to reinstall manually as follows:

  1. download firefox rpm
  2. install firefox on visionfive
    rpm -ivh firefox-92.0.1-1.fc33.riscv64.rpm

If prompted to install dependencies, you could dnf install xxx

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Can I get same browser for lubuntu? because lxqt lightweight more then lxde and fedora

Thank you Jianlong Huang!

I don’t think it works for Lubuntu, but you can try it

For question #3, the Github code repo contains the work in progress of porting chromium browser. It is not a working piece yet. As the porting work is a huge effort, we posted the said code repo with a purpose to show what we have achieved so far, to gain traction with the open source community and calling for collaboration in order to speed up the porting process. As of now, we do not have a fixed timeline about when is it going to be included in the distribution.