VisionFive2 Software v3.8.2 Release

More details about v3.8.2:

New Features

A summary of the main new features are as follows.

  • Support JH7110 SDK v 5.8.2;
  • Support VisionFive2 v1.2A&1.3B SBC;
  • Support Linux Kernel 5.15.0 and 6.1.31;
  • Add a QSPI Flash MTD partition named “uboot-env";
  • Support Vulkan v1.3.1;
  • Support BT function for WIFI/BT dongle AIC8800;
  • Bug fix:
    1. The Compatibility lssue with USB Flash Drive in U-Boot;
    2. The issue where the bottom of 1080P video output from the decoder was blurr;
    3. OMX decoder:Distinguish sliceHeight calculation methods of avc and hevc;
    4. Failure on 4 testcases of dEQp-VK.renderpass2 for the GPU Vulkan CTS test;
    5. Compilation warning issue on Kernel 6.1;

Is this meens will have a toolkit which can set/choose “boot queue”?

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Is this meens will have a toolkit which can set/choose “boot queue”?

No, it’s not a toolkit, it’s just the environment variables which is displayed as a partation.




Just one thing, shouldn’t this be labeled as uboot-env@f0000?

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I mean if it can be changed var by a toolkit in linux?
Not only cmdline in uboot.

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And we now have a new 202310 release folder at
There are no image files in there (yet :frowning: ) but the install script and packs are already there.

I guess this is still a WIP; but it looks like a new OS release is about to drop. I wonder if we will finally have a 6.1.x kernel based release?

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Yes, the environment variable “uboot-env” can be changed by toolkit in linux.


The debian release folder has been updated and is now populated with emmc, sd and NVMe images + checksums. 5.15 kernel.


My guess is that 6.1 is being worked on, because the Linux kernel is migrating towards 2 years for LTS (Long Term Support) kernels instead of the 6 years it has been up until now. The reason given is that the maintainers (the people who verify the code to see if it fits and works properly) are burning out and not enough new people, with the required skill set, are joining their ranks. There are about 200+ new developers every year pushing code upstream, the problem is the people who validate that the new source code meets the required specifications, works correctly, is secure and only allow validated source code into the kernel, they are not increasing at the same rate. In fact their number is decreasing (relative to the new programmers) as the workload is increasing.

EDIT: I’m also going to guess that the next SOC from StarFive has already selected a baseline LTS kernel of 6.1 and both SOC’s share some common code.

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I tried vkcube, but it told me there is no Vulkan Installable Client Driver (ICD).
Vulkaninfo does see the PowerVR BXE-4-32.

The 202310 release notes say there are still issues with Vulkan CTS and Vulkan support is still in the What’s next section.

I guess we are making progress, but it looks like we still need to wait for the next release.

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Dietpi could already change u-boot env variables in Linux with commands fw_setenv and fw_printenv, now with 6.1 kernel.
Still can’t boot sd-image in usb.
Still the old, old issue - can’t boot other distros with the new (v3.8.2) u-boot without bypassing all the new “features”.
another thumbs down

Anyone been able to flash visionfive2_fw_payload.img onto /dev/mtd1?

I get

  • flashcp -v visionfive2_fw_payload.img /dev/mtd1
    visionfive2_fw_payload.img won’t fit into /dev/mtd1!

Using sdcard.img to boot. The filesize has gone from 2.83 megs for the previous 2 releases to 2.87 megs.

cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00040000 00001000 “spl”
mtd1: 00010000 00001000 “uboot-env”
mtd2: 00300000 00001000 “uboot”
mtd3: 00100000 00001000 “data”

Actually, I think it now flashes to mtd2, which worked.


Since the previous version of sdcard.img, I do not succeed to boot with. I used sdcard.img from 2.1.5 version…

Superb work, thank you guys!

Update of my dual-boot system (on NVME SSD) did work perfectly. No glitch whatsoever. Thanks also to @cwt for his Archlinux-Kernels!