VisionFive Guideline

Guideline for using VisionFive board:

  1. VisionFive Hardware Design is uploaded in GitHub, please refer to:
    GitHub - starfive-tech/VisionFive

  2. VisionFive is embedded with JH7100 SoCs (the next generation will be JH7110). JH7100 Datasheet is shared in the wiki, please refer to:
    JH7100 Datasheet | RVspace

  3. For boot flow, the boot sources available for the JH7100 SoC and the Bare-metal boot examples, refer to:
    JH7100 Boot User Guide | RVspace

  4. For information about StarFive VisionFive development board, including features, specifications, board appearance and pinout, as well as the guidelines to get started with Fedora operation system, refer to:
    VisionFive Single Board Computer Quick Start Guide | RVspace

  5. For the procedures to compile firmware, u-boot, Linux Kernel and make file systems, refer to:
    VisionFive Single Board Computer Software Technical Reference Manual | RVspace

  6. For instructions to configure and debug the 40-pin GPIO header, refer to:
    StarFive 40-Pin GPIO Header User Guide | RVspace

Guidance of naming:
VisionFive is the name of development boards produced by StarFive. VisionFive is embedded with StarFive JH7100 SoC, which has 2 64bit RISC-V cores.