Visionfive 2 won't boot or broken?

I understand the Dip Switches For Boot Modes

When booting in UART mode with a TTL to USB to Serial Converter and following the Bootloader Recovery no menu appears in minicom after transferring the Recover Binary :

    H7110 secondboot version: 230322-c514da9
    CPU freq: 1250MHz
    idcode: 0x1860C8
>    [[[No more output at this point]]]

According to the Recovery Documentation A menu should appear automatically; from this point one should be able to transfer an SPL (Secondary Program Loader (For Loading U-Boot)) [Option 0] and then transfer the firmware (A copy of U-Boot (if I understand correctly?)) [option 2]. At anyrate, I can’t seem to get to this point.

My minicom settings are set as described here.

I guess further questions I must answer are:
1: Does the VisionFive2 boot directly from the SD card? As in, ROM → SDcard’s (SPL) → u-boot → kernel? It seems that is the case.

Anyway, just writing this up for posterity mostly, at this point. Perhaps there is more I am unaware of / don’t understand.

The issues remain: unable to complete the recover the bootloader process (to update/alter the SPL + u-boot on the onboard flash ROM), and no official images seem to boot from the SDcard, and I’m uncertain as to why.

Thank-you for your time @omac777 . I’m not certain building an Arch or Fedora Linux image would be the route to go at this point. Pardon any errors in my understanding, if any.