VisionFive 2 Ecosystem Bi-weekly Updates (12.15-12.29)

StarFive News

  1. On Dec 28, StarFive published the new SDK - VisionFive 2 Software v5.10.3 release featuring ISP driver support for the popular Sony camera sensor - IMX708, WAVE5 bug fixes, and a lot of other enhancements and bug fixes.

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  2. Setting the Industry Benchmark: StarFive’s Dubhe-90 CPU IP Passes RISC-V Architecture Compatibility Testing
    On December 27, 2023, StarFive successfully submitted the ACT test results for the Dubhe-90 (link: GitHub - riscv-non-isa/riscv-arch-test-reports). Thus far, StarFive has obtained ACT certification for two products:JH-7110 SoC and Dubhe-90 CPU IP.

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  3. On Dec 17, StarFive RVspace advocator Allen Xue attended the SIG-RISC-V openEuler Summit 2023 held in China National Convention Center, Beijing, and shared StarFive’s progress in industrial application and the RVspace community. Different from the previous openEuler Summits, the event this year kicked off a new subforum for Industrial Embedded solutions, the same application scenario StarFive is now trying to explore for its JH-7110 high-performance RISC-V solutions. Bet you will be expected to see more NEW industrial embedded applications coming for RISC-V next year!

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  4. On December 16-17, the 2023 Open Atom Developer Conference was held in Wuxi, StarFive shared the development results of the open source ecosystem from multiple perspectives and dimensions in the open source market, and we set up a booth in the open source market to display the RISC-V open hardware platform and the construction of the RVSpace community.

  5. Recently, StarFive unveiled its education solution for RISC-V Embedded Programming in cooperation with Phytium Chllie Pie. The board provides all the necessary peripherals like the Raspberry Pie’s Servo Driver HAT (Hardware Attached on Top), etc and serves as part of the highly integrated StarFive University Program. The solution includes the VisionFive 2 SBC as the core module, the Chillie Pie education platform as the base board, and other supporting materials like class schemes, books and tutorials, etc.

  6. Elecfans published the bound edition of the application articles written in 2023 by community developers in the VisionFive 2 High-Performance SBC trial activity. The articles showcase a wide range of application scenarios of the VisionFive 2 SBC and the JH-7110 SoC including the hot industrial applications of openWRT, openCV, etc. Download the PDF and discover them yourself!

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  7. On Dec 22, StarFive received the Annual Community Collaboration Award from openKylin Community on the OKDC 2023 event held in Beijing.

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  8. StarFive received the Excellent Product Evaluation Award-VisionFive 2 from Elecfans.

  9. StarFive Ecosystem November Updates: the integration of the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) on our VisionFive 2; the successful porting of libcamera to JH-7110; and Kylinsoft released a new internal Embedded OS release to StarFive on the RISC-V high-performance SoC JH-7110 and JH-7110I (I for Industry), etc.

Social Media Updates

  1. “larryw3i” has shared his experience in installing Ubuntu 23.10 for VF2 (NVMe SSD) step by step.

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  2. Enthusiastic developer “郑震” has successfully enabled the 3D Wayland desktop environment on VisionFive 2. Both desktop and window switching are very smooth and cool. StarFive will provide a user guide based on the developer’s tutorial. Welcome to try it.

  3. Developer “Mr_Rabbit” has shared his tutorial on installing remote desktop service on VisionFive 2.

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  4. Developer “Mr_Rabbit” has shared his experience in driving the MG-996R steering engine on VisionFive 2.

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  5. Developer “xusiwei1236” has shared his post about his experience with the silky 3D graphics rendering effect of Imagination GPU on VisionFive 2. He stated GPU rendering runs 60 frames without pressure under 1920x1080 resolution.

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  6. Enthusiastic developer “郑震” have successfully localized LibreOffice on VisionFive 2, and will provide us with open-source tutorials in the future.