VisionFive 2 Ecosystem Bi-weekly Updates (1.1-1.31)

StarFive News

  1. StarFive RISC-V SoC’s Camera Subsystem Driver Added To Linux 6.8
    In January, all media drivers for Linux 6.8 were updated. Most notable is the introduction of the StarFive Camera Subsystem driver as a new image sensor processor driver initially being treated as a staging driver.
    The Linux kernel has seen a lot of upstream work for supporting the StarFive JH7110 as a RISC-V SoC found in the likes of the StarFive VisionFive 2. The latest mainline addition is this StarFive Camera Subsystem Driver for supporting the camera sub-system found with the JH7110.
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  2. The JH-7110 already supports AMP (Linux + RT-Thread)
    Recently, JH-7110 has been upgraded again and now supports AMP (Linux + RT-Thread), which has stronger system real-time and stability, reduces system hardware costs, and can be used in industrial fields that require high customization, real-time and reliability.
    Documentation for running AMP (Linux + RT-Thread) on the JH-7110 has been uploaded to the RVSpace Documentation Center.

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Social Media Updates

  1. “ekianjo” releases article “STARFIVE VISIONFIVE 2: FINALLY A RISC-V SBC FOR THE MASSES?” on Boling Steam
    ekianjo said that, if you wanted to try your hands on actual, real world RISC-V hardware, the VisionFive 2 is one of the best options available right now: it’s affordable, has very decent performance, and is planned to be fully supported by Debian upstream in the near future.
    The hardwareof VisionFive 2 is capable enough, it comes with great benefits such as multiple ethernet ports and a NVME connector for fast I/O.

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  2. “lzzhzh” successfully sinicized LibreOffice on VF2
    Libreoffice runs smoothly on StarFive 2, with a clear interface and a good user experience, and “lzzhzh” will publish tutorials in RVSpace in the future.
    Libreoffice is a free and powerful office suite. It has powerful data import and export functions, can directly import PDF documents, Microsoft Word files, LotusWord, supports the main OpenXML format, and the software also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Debian and Ubuntu and other system platforms.

  3. Arch Linux new image cwt20 for VisionFive 2 is released

    Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2
    New Image

  4. “pamvdam” releases instruction about “K3S on VisionFive 2”
    “pamvdam” shared some experiences with running a port of K3S on RISCV64-VisionFive 2 & Licheepi4a.
    “pamvdam” used 4 StarFive VisionFive 2 boards with 8GB, latest firmware and CWT19 and CWT20 ArchLinux,and he did some short instructions in RVSpace.

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  5. DeepComputing has published the tutorial “Using MicroBlocks on DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop”
    MicroBlocks is a free, Scratch-like blocks programming language for learning physical computing with educational microcontroller boards such as the micro:bit, Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, and many others.

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  6. “lzzhzh” shared the WayFire 3D desktop setup on VisionFive 2
    “lzzhzh” shares instructions for configuring and using wayfire on VisionFive 2, as well as instructions for manipulating key combinations - generating 3D on VisionFive 2-wayfire.

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