VisionFive 2 Debian Images

I found following issues with the (latest) image

  • latest VisionFive 2 Debian 202405 has a damaged NVMe image included.
  • VisionFive 2 Debian 202403 NVMe does not even load
  • u-boot / SPL files are never included in the download files.

Do we get a refreshed image ? and please include the matching u-boot / spl files on

The files you need for u-boot / spl are included in the VisionFive 2 Software announcements. The latest release doesn’t include new versions but the prior one had what was needed for my v1.3B board.

I spent a ton of time tracking down the process and documented what was needed here:
StarFive VisionFive 2 - Updating to Boot from NVMe

Once you do that it should load the 202403 NVMe image with the same jumper settings as you would boot from the SD card.

As to the 202405 image, I mentioned a possible work around for you in the other thread.

you may disagree, but those images should work as is.

  • u-boot / spl … yes, i upgraded before, but for 202403 still os not coming up, whereas for 202405 kernel panic, cause of files missing.

i will try to fixing as outlined in Debian 202405, but images definitely should work