VisionFive 2 Debian 202405 Released

The debian is hardcoded softpipe.

Can you try my ES engine:

I’ll give Arch a try…

It slowly loads in like this no matter how I flip the env values.

For comparison, here is wayland running apps. STK looks accelerated

Not so sure about the following though, check out that CPU usage. Still, 60 fps on all open instances. I made a 11 MB video to show it, but it exceeds the 20 MB upload limit in this forum. So, here’s a screenshot.

Aha, I get it now I need to use wayland instead of X11?

Apparently this is done with wl_egl_window using wl_egl_window_create instead of XCreateWindow?

Kinda scary Wayland has not mapped simple OpenGL windows from X11 to Wayland?

That might explain the softpipe situation?

That sounds like a good idea. I don’t know, I’m learning this on the go.

SM64 is definitely accelerated, though - I’ve just tested my build with gl4es and it came up garbled - which it shouldn’t if it didn’t use the GPU. Might want to look into its source to see how it’s handled there? This stuff used to work for me under X11, too.

Do you have xwayland installed?

Is STK/SM64 run as ES or Vulkan?

I find both of those questions silly to be honest, and they are worded like Soviet interrogation :grin: yes officer, xwayland is installed, something installed it, most likely Thunar when I tested it. But I already stated what the simple setup that makes it work is: SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland

As for Vulkan …sir, does es2gears sound Vulkan?
Does using gl4es messes SM64 up imply that it uses Vulkan?

So officially. No. No Vulkan.

Edit: I apologize for the snark in my tone, but consider my very first post in this topic was about getting 3D to work: install cwt’s arch, install lemurs, install sway, reboot, login, hold mode key on keyboard, press enter, install supertuxkart and do SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland supertuxkart. There is nothing else. Sounds to me like the debian version should able to do it, if cwt’s build does. Official Debian tries to make amends with X11 and maybe that’s why it goes softpipe.

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It’s ok, I’m just trying to understand why some things work and others don’t.

And since there is no official Star Five or Imagination help to get their product to work I’m starting to get worried this will never get explained.

If the next image works, we (or atleast I) will never understand why. And then life is meaningless. You can’t google: “How does linux talk to the GPU?” and get a meaningful answer for this particular case.

You can always do dmesg | grep vga or glxinfo | grep vulkan/panfrost/mesa or similar to figure it out.

But yea, I hear you. I’ve had a hunch the people who bought this board are subsidizing development of a set-top box chip, before - it’s in my post history. Still, thinking like this isn’t conductive to getting the most of it. So we either sit and wait on it, complain, or do stuff with it on our own accord, that’s what I gather.

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Found this:

How does one set wayland to 16-bit color depth?

i think it should be possible via xorg.conf files - see How to change Xorg colour depth? – atkdinosaurus