Video Player for VisionFive/Starlight?


I want to test the Video playback capabilities on Starlight Board. I searched for a while but didn’t find vlc rpm for the fedora image. Is there any other player available? How can i play and test videos on this board?


I am currently working to port VLC to JH7100, and while I have a VisionFive, it should work more or less the same on StarLight:

With that said, Fedora does not provide VLC at all, so your problem is not specific to RISC-V. Of course the popular third-party RPM repositories for Fedora don’t do RISC-V yet. Instead if you want to install off-the-shelf VLC (or MPV for that matter), you should really use the Debian RISC-V port or maybe one of the Ubuntu variants (see other threads on how to install).

Beware that existing VLC releases will not yield good performance on StarLight or VisionFive since the video DSP is not supported yet.

As for audio, the sample rate is limited to 16 kHz at the moment, so the sound quality is terrible. I hope the kernel developers can fix this soon.

Ok i see,

I am already an observer in JH7100 VLC port. Can you please redirect me to the Debian RISC-V port? Do you mean this one : Debian Sid/unstable image for Starfive VisionFive V1 ( 2022-01-26 ) - #14 by Houge_Langley or there is another one also? I have tried this debian port on my board but GUI is still WIP. Any guide you can help me get VLC or any other alternative player working on Starlight so that i can benchmark playing some .mp4 files on the board?

To install Debian, it does not really matter whose instructions you follow. They all boil down to getting a root file system with the official Debian RISC-V port:

But frankly, you should stick to whatever distribution you are comfortable with.

Any media player installed from ready-made distribution package available today is probably going to be a disappointment on JH7100, due to missing hardware acceleration. So you should probably not pick and switch your distribution for the sake of the media player packages.