U-boot doesn't run after updating firmware

I flashed the new fw_payload firmware (u-boot and opensbi) downloaded from here: New u-boot binary for TF card compatibility - #8 by jershell. Now it boots to OpenSBI, but doesn’t reach U-boot. How can I fix it? I am using screen and sx to program the u-boot firmware over xmodem. After it is done transferring I see a bunch of dots printed. Is that normal? Does xmodem do a checksum of the data to make sure it was received properly?

Here are some pictures:

Any ideas for how to fix? Thanks.

The issue was that I didn’t wait for all the dots to complete (I just rebooted when I saw “transfer complete”). Apparently it stops printing dots after a while, and that indicates that the transfer is actually done… Sorry to bother, hopefully this helps someone in the future who might have this problem.


The dots in the output indicate that it is being updated。
Can you provide the complete booting log by the console?

Yes, I figured it out, thank you!

Maybe a clearer message is needed. Instead of “Transfer complete” something like “Transfer into RAM complete, starting to write firmware to flash”