Typo in schematic

I do not know any other way to provide this feedback so I’ll just post it here.

While reading through the current VF2 circuit board schematic (SCH_RV002_V1.2A_20221216.pdf) to better understand the hardware, I was confused for a while by a simple copy, paste, edit typo.

At the bottom left hand side on page 2 of 23 of the schematic
U17,18 Load SW 1A TMI6262AL” should actually be
U17,37 Load SW 1A TMI6262AL”.


Top right on page 2 in the “Type-C DC IN” block diagram, U9 CH224 should be U29, which is labelled as “U29 NC/CH224D” (Not Connected part) in the full schematic.


Correct. thank you for your close inspection :grinning:

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