SpacemiT Banana Pi F3 K1

Another Banana Pi F3 K1 device on an 8-core processor from SpacemiT.
There is also support in irradium

Really want 8GB RAM variant. Does anyone know when they are going to release it?

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I contacted them through email, and they told me that 8GB will come with the next batch in 8 to 10 weeks.


I wonder what the price will be.

How does it compare with the VisionFive 2 in terms of performance?

Now this processor SpacemiT k1 +/- has parity with T-Head th1520 with StarFive jh7110, you can add an assembly test of the same mesa.

From: the file you want to click on is “”

Device / details		Clockspeed	Kernel	Distro				7-zip multi		7-zip single	AES		memcpy	memset
VisionFive V2 (JH7110)	1500 MHz	5.15	Sid riscv64			4180			1197			25080	880		770
Milk-V Mars CM (JH7110)	1500 MHz	5.15	Bookworm riscv64	4110			1195			25070	930		830
BPi F3 (SpacemiT K1)	1600 MHz	6.1		Mantic riscv64		6750			978				27260	2620	7180

A K1 has 2x the number cores (8x K60), but in the above benchmark is only delivering about 1.5 the overall multicore performance of the JH7110 (4x U74).

In the above benchmark each K60 core is about 23% slower at processing information per GHz compared to the U74 (8xK60x0.77 ~= 6xU74). So for single threaded applications it will be a bit slower. But the much faster RAM, and four extra cores will hide this for most uses.

The sbc-bench benchmark is very basic and comparing a tiny fraction of the features between the chips, no floating point, no graphics, no storage, no video encoding, no video decoding, …

The lack of hardware accelerated AV1 video decoding was a no sale for me. My next RISC-V board will either support PCIe that I can add an external video card for AV1 playback or the SoC will have integrated hardware AV1 decode codec.

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