I’m working on combining and GitHub - dev-0x7C6/meta-retro: OpenEmbedded / Yocto software layer for RetroArch and libretro cores with yocto to create a retroarch distro for Visionfive2. Stay tuned. Here’s a teaser:


Users in the image are root/root and retro/retro (user and pass). Should autoboot to the retroarch ui and cifs is supported for mounting a network drive. Some of the emulators work, some don’t, but there’s a decent mix. Nextcloud

Flash with zstd -d vf2-retroarch.img.zst > /dev/mmcblk0 assuming your sdcard reader shows up at /dev/mmcblk0, and run it as root if you need root to access block devices. sudo su because file redirects don’t get permissions when run with plain sudo.


Hi @sajattack great work getting retroarch on this dev board.
I have got my vf2 working with 202302 Release and have HDMI working and performed the firmware update. I am booting this all from SD and seems to be going fine. I cant seem to get your retroarch img booting from sd. Its just a black screen from HDMI. Do you have a guide i can follow?

Hi @sajattack , Thanks a lot for the great work.
As for the emulators on RetroArch, do you know if anyone is porting Mupen64plus to RISC-V? GitHub - mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core: Core module of the Mupen64Plus project