Release the JH-7100/Vf2 images and doc, please

Early boards are making it into the hands of early developers. Yay!


and, probably more importantly, most of the projects under

need updates for JH-7110. Likewise, the various doc and ISO repositories that have OS master images for bringup need to be made public. freelight-u-sdk looks like the tool for building a Linux kernel + opensbi for VisionFive R1, but it needs updates for R2 as people are trying to follow the basic steps it automates and running into trouble,

Similarly, please encourage the github teams to document the branches, if not default (and it should be default) that people should be using for each product. When the choices are branches like JH7110_515_SDK_v3.2.0 and vf2-515-devel it’s not at all clear which is expected to be used as a base. We know that all VF2’s are JH7110 but not all JH7110 are VF2s, so we can make some guesses, but the commit log doesn’t really show that panning out totally.

GitHub - starfive-tech/JH7100_Docs needs a sibling directory with new content, too, for example.

Can you turn off the secrecy mode and schedule updates for the doc and software, please?