Please recommend suitable CPU fan model for VisionFive

And how to fix the fan on the CPU, or the fan is not necessary? thanks.

The fan is not necessary.
We will providing a link to purchase the fan at a later date.

OK, I understood, thanks.

My shipment came with a fan and two things to connect it to the board. I applied some thermal paste and connected it via the instructions here:

Seems to work fine.

To clarify the discrepancy for our readers:

VisionFive R1 came with a fan.
VisionFive R2 does not come with a fan.

There were some mysterious small gifts included with random VF2 boards ordered on kickstarter. So a fan may have been a gift.

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That’s a possibility. I don’t know if we’ve had anyone say what the gifts were.

A fan would be odd messaging. Not shipping with a fan, at least to me, says that it’s fair game to run all four cores at max load with a full device fanout and everything should remain in spec. (It would be disappointing if the device thermal throttles in that case.)

Is there any use case for the 7110 that requires a fan to meet spec?

Star64 has holes for a fan, but the developer previews didn’t include one. (Or much else.)

running coremark with 4-core, glmark2-es2 for gpu and memtester with remaining ddr. may hit the top of perfomance.

How short you want the hardware to last is really up to you, but all electronics last longer the colder they are kept while operating. (Putting electronics in a box with no external airflow to remove heat, I call that an oven!)

If you flip the Arrhenius equation* (The reaction rate doubles for every 10 degrees Celsius increase in temperature.) on its head, you eventually end up with “every 10°C drop in temperature increases the life of electronics by a factor of two”.

*The Arrhenius equation is heavily used by silicon chip makers, those who want to fully remove early failures, the “infant mortality” section of the “Bathtub curve”. This is achieved by operating their chips inside ovens for a few days to weeks at high temperature to force chips to fail that would have failed in the first 6-12 months of operation to fault in a much shorter period (it is basically a form of super accelerated burn-in).

If the specs at full fanout are still on the floor of the bathtub, we’re probably fine without fans. If they’re on the part that starts to get steep and you’re running it inside a rack or something, sure, go for the extra help.

These boards were designed in partnership with the chip maker. The chip maker has an interest in not having their parts self-destruct. If the chip maker were worried much about it, a fan would be standard issue, or at least recommended.

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