Need help building own Debian image for VF2 all versions

I have never built linux/debian in such early stages. so i’d need a real step by step guide on how to doing.

currently running image 202311

wha i have done so far:

  • apt-get install build-essential linux-source bc kmod cpio flex libncurses5-dev libelf-dev libssl-dev dwarves bison git → worked fine
  • git clone → worked fine
  • git checkout JH7110_VF2_6.6_v5.12.0 fails fatal:not a git repository

what is wrong

any help is highly appreciated

you could use git tag to check the branch.
The English document have not update,could you please have a look about Chinese document?
This link may help you.
编译Linux(交叉编译) (

was already guessing so, and was talking with a collegue … i will have a look