Mysteriouus SDCARD

What are the contents of this device and what does it serve? Bootstrapper/diagnostics?

Device Start End Sectors Size Type
sdcard.img1 4096 8191 4096 2M HiFive BBL
sdcard.img2 8192 16383 8192 4M HiFive FSBL
sdcard.img3 16384 614399 598016 292M Microsoft basic data
sdcard.img4 614400 1638399 1024000 500M Linux filesystem


Looking at the devices, this seems like a linux bootable drive. Since it came with the VF1 I assume it’s a preflashed OS that StarFive provided. However, there is an up to date Linux image on GitHub that I flashed to the SD card. It worked fine for me, but I’d recommend backing up the SD card before formatting it in case something goes wrong.