...my board got damaged

I was clumsy enough to drop the damn thing on the sidewalk whilst carrying it to my uni’s 3D printing lab to test the fit of a case I was printing out, and ended up knocking off several surface mount resistors/capacitors in addition to denting one of the USB ports and the M.2 slot.

Ran back to my dorm to see if it still worked, but only the power LED came on and there was no video signal.

Tried to capitalise on the opportunity to get a die shot of the CPU, but I ended up cracking the die whilst attempting to separate it from the substrate, so I had no choice but to chuck the thing into the e-waste bin.

Only consolation is that my uni actively promotes electronics recycling, but I can’t help but feel like an absolute monster for not having taken better care of my board. Oh well, at least it’ll be made into something new I guess.


Sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can apply for a VisionFive 2 through the following activity. Please note that if the application is successful, you need to use the board to do some application projects.

Free Application Address:

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I would if I did, but unfortunately that doesn’t really apply to me at the moment. I’ll wait for the HiFive Pro P550 to launch I guess.

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