Multimedia on StarLight (freelight-u-sdk)

This is a pre-release multimedia subsystem for JH7100, including ALSA, V4L2, Gstreamer, VPU decoding. please refer to freelight-u-sdk and follow the instructions readme to fetch, build and test it.

Here is the branches:

[opensbi] GitHub - starfive-tech/opensbi StarLight has supported in OpenSBI upstream, so update periodically from the mainline

[u-boot] GitHub - starfive-tech/u-boot Apply alsa, v4l2 etc. to dts

[kernel] GitHub - starfive-tech/linux at beaglev-5.13.y_multimedia Add v4l2 for video capture, alsa for audio, drm for display

[buildroot] GitHub - starfive-tech/sft-riscv-buildroot at starlight_multimedia

  • add starfive private packages:

    • v4l2_test: used to test v4l2 device
    • pp_test: used to switch format and resolution for framebuffer framework
    • sf-gst-omx: from gst-omx and compatible with the omx-il library
    • sf-omx-il: starfive openmax il library for VPU hardware decode
    • stfisp_setfile: this is the host build package, used to generate the isp register setting binary for v4l2 framework
    • wave511: this is chip&media decode hardware wave511 vendor code building
  • add the following gstreamer patch:

    • support gstreamer plugin fbdevsink NV12 format
    • support gst-play take priority to decode h264/h265 with gst-omx plugin
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