Is there a remotely accessible board?


Is there a remotely accessible board somewhere that could be used for some bare metal (non-Linux OS) testing?

we do have bare metal OS,but it’s not opensource.
what do you mean remotely accessible? support SSH ?

I’d like to port an open source (non-Linux) OS to the board, basically to extend the generic RISC-V support that already exists there. So ideally, there is a remote-instrumentable board (SD-Card/TFTP boot, UART, JTAG) available, that could be made accessible to the existing cloud-based CI system. I know of some initiatives that would on building such a test farm.

SSH-access is not enough, because we need to be able to set a custom boot image and have disaster-recovery in case the boot fails. At some stage we might eventually have network support and SSH.

there is two repo about bare metal code, JH7100_secondBoot and JH7100_ddrinit
but their functions are limited, just to bring up the chip and load uboot.
you can refer to it. I hope it helps

Thanks, but I have all the documentation for this SOC. The porting itself is not the issue here. There are ports to other similar SOCs already. What I’m looking for is was way to practically test things on this specific SOC - without having a local board.

I’m sorry, but you might want to buy a board, or apply for a grant program that gives you a board for free

Does such a program exist?

We had our first phase of sponsorship program in December.