How to purchase VisionFive 2

Hi Rneese,

We already had compatible USB module for VisionFive 2, plug and play.

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Hello @Admin, you didn’t answer my questions
Is there anyone can answer it?

Ubuntu with different DE versions and server version are already available for V2 :slight_smile: the only question is when the kernel sources will be published. The Armbian build system can already assemble any versions of images for any model if there is a kernel. For example, for V1, there are already and regularly updated several versions of Ubuntu with good DE support, something that is not in the official versions of Ubuntu.

they didn’t answer if we can Overclock the cpu or not and they didn’t tell us if they fix Ethernet issue for IPv6

@julie and I are checking with our R&D team.

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Hi Salem,

  1. Overclocking is supported on VF2.
  2. Our GMAC supports IPV6, but it will not support IPV6 by default on VF2, and users need to open the configuration in the kernel by themselves.
  3. VF2 will support ubuntu after shipping.
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that great :smiley:

hello, just updated my pledge on kickstarter to get the Wifi dongle with the board. Thanks for the information, getting the board with wifi dongle will be much easier for the set up :wink:

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Someone posted KickStarter SiFive VisionFive2 campain on the FreeBSD mailing lists today… you may want to subscripbe and post to such channels so people are aware of your crowdfundings and developments… this could be our reference board… I am three days behind, sorry, I will preorder at allnetchina at this point :slight_smile:

Hi cederom,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will do that our next round.

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There are about a hundred FreeBSD mailing lists, I suggest that you send an email to the “freebsd-riscv” FreeBSD on the RISC-V instruction set architecture mailing list.

And if you wanted to provide free hardware to FreeBSD developers to help them migrate their OS to your hardware contact them directly a for a donation.

The OpenBSD project (probably most famous for OpenSSH) are seeking riscv64 StarFive hardware donations as well.

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I tried to order 2 boards and 2 power supplies for a total of $151 but the shipping was $71 or $75 depending upon method. That is theft! Is there a place to buy the boards without a 50% “shipping” markup?

Hi riscdev,

Which country are you shipping to? According to our vendor, the shipping fee depends on the country, shipping method, weight, and is calculated by the shipping company.

Updating different purchasing methods by region.

there should be a ubuntu and debian if all goes well…

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Updated accessories and corresponding purchase links