Has anyone run Linux from Scratch on a VisionFive?

I’m considering getting a StarFive VisionFive but I don’t want to run Fedora on it. My preference is to hand-build Linux from Scratch on it. Has anyone done this already?

I’ve not build an SD image from complete scratch yet, but I was able to wipe out the filesystem and kernel from a Fedora distribution image, build a fresh kernel from GitHub - starfive-tech/linux and boot it with dash. That is enough of a proof of concept, it should work just fine.

You may eschew the complexities of the LFS guides and start with a kernel and busybox, that should get you enough of the ropes to then consider something beyond that. Plus, then you can just replace bits of busybox as you build your actual base system and eventually will have something workable.

I don’t know how mileage will vary with the upstream kernel, I haven’t tried in a few months, but may take another crack at it soon and see how upstream does.

Thanks! I may just use Gentoo; I think there are stage3 binaries, and if I get a big enough disk drive I can bootstrap it from the native Fedora and have a dual boot when I’m done.