Has anyone here successfully ran any BSD on these boards?

I would love to see NetBSD run on one of these bad boys, and I haven’t heard if anyone has attempted this.

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For OpenBSD, globalprofithunter on reddit.com did manage to run one of the daily snapshots about 3-4 months ago (There is no historical archive of the OpenBSD daily snapshots builds for -current, fresh riscv64 binaries overwrite every day which may or may not work up until the final public release). I would guess that @rpx had OpenBSD running as well. And looking through all the commits for OpenBSD I would honestly be shocked of the VF2 board is not at least partially supported for some of the hardware in the VF2 in the upcoming 7.4 release which, looking through the history, should land sometime in 2023-10. With at least as much hardware as the VF1 board currently has support for in OpenBSD.

FreeBSD was looked at (very early days) https://forum.rvspace.org/t/freebsd-support/1313.
I even suggested that some of the current OpenBSD code might help with a FreeBSD port.

NetBSD the only hit I can find for “visionfive2” under the netbsd.org DNS domain is for mirror of OpenKylin!

But there is a thread on the NetBSD port-riscv mailing list dating back to May that requested that support be added for the StarFive VisionFive2 .and if you read the full thread, there are “pending changes and it is being worked on”.

Once the VF2 board is eventually working on any BSD I would expect other BSD to rapidly add support. Since porting the code between BSD licensed kernels, would not be impeded in any way by GNU GPL licensed code (Used by the Linux Kernel), which is fully incompatible with the BSD license.