Debian Minimal Server Image

Does anyone know where I can source a minimal Debian Server image that updates from the latest Debian Sid/Unstable repository lists?

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@jiangtao9999 I am looking for an installable image for the Visionfive2 board.

maybe this is what you are looking for: Release 240519-01 - experimental debian sid image for the starfive visionfive2 riscv64 sbc · hexdump0815/imagebuilder · GitHub … but it is really very basic, so no fancy stuff like gpu support etc. …

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Create yourself installtion image. But this is hard to use.

It is simple to use debootstrap .
You can create a “initrd linux” with debootstrap. And use this initrd & kernel to bootup VF2.
Or, simply. use debootstrap to install a new rootfs and tar it. This tar-file is the “server image”. Where untar, Where installed.

PS: VF2 is a riscv board, Not a x86 board. The bootloader and kernel is one-by-one. So, provide a installtion image is not “common”.

The official StarFive Debian image breaks if it is updated to Sid (who breaks his toys!!!)
There is an old joke about a starving Eskimo out unsuccessfully fishing, eats his kayak made of seal skins,
“you can’t have your kayak and eat it too”

This is not true if you are running a headless server and don’t require a desktop.

I have had good success with the StarFive image.

  1. Remove the desktop and associated apps.
  2. Change the sources list url to deb unstable main contrib non-free-firmware
  3. apt update && apt upgrade

The problem with this approach is that is very time consuming and you still have a large number of unnecessary apps installed.

I may have found an ideal solution in DietPi which seems to have everything I need.

It is seems StarFive’s install script will overwrite glibc’s file in old version(I dont know what about new version) .
If update glibc, the system will lost some optimization.

It is true, Sid from time to time breaks in unexpected ways, you’re just one upgrade away from a random breakage.
I’ve mainly used my visionfive2 headless, but it has been good to see the progress with graphics support.
Just leave the unwanted packages installed and disable them if they’re running as daemons.
I mostly ssh into boards for a console. Doesn’t matter if they’re running Dietpi, Armbian, Openbsd or Starfive Debian… they all fly to some extent.