Can't proceed the part for downloading the SDK

For the SDK Quick Start Guide documentation, I had completed the updating of Ubuntu packages, and installation of required additional packages. Next is to proceed the part of downloading the SDK, but I couldn’t run the command which is to clone into “VisionFive2”.

Hope to get some solutions and tips for solving this problem.

$ git clone
The command in your post assumes:

  1. that you have an account on github and
  2. that you have added a public ssh key to your github account and finally
  3. that you possess the matching private key to the uploaded public key.

Obviously if you planned to contribute patches that fix bugs (pull requests), then you would need an account on github.

EDIT: You may need to change some entries in the .git/config file as well after you have a local copy of the repository.


Okkk, now I understand the reasons of not getting to clone the github VF2 correctly. Will try to refer the link you provided and follow the steps. Really thanks a lot @mzs for the points and tips. Thank you <3


To contribute, the first step would more be to make your own fork on Github, then close your fork, work there, and when happy with something to share, create a pull request from your fork, better than working with only a local copy as creating pull request going to be a bit hard this way :slight_smile:


Hello @mzs, please help me again for this part which is the submodule update step.

How can I do for the command part so that I can successfully update the submodule?

I did say that you may need to edit .git/config
I use vi as my editor, because that is the editor that is on every UNIX system I’ve ever used. It is insanely powerful (search for “vi cheat sheet”), but has a unforgiving brick wall learning curve.
Change, I’ll just do one as an example - but change them all, “” to be “”.

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I got the idea already. Before this I dont understand the steps of cloning the files, now I get it the steps and the command ways already. Thanks a lot. Sorry disturbing you. <3

I run this command after each step to update it

find VisionFive2 -type f -name “*” | xargs perl -p -i -e ‘s/’

The danger in automating any change is that one typo can mangle a lot of files. What you intended was '' or 's/\/\/\//g' but what you told the machine to do is ‘s/’ spot the problem ?

Unfortuntantly the browser messed up my comnand when i entered it as it stripped some of my typing on my phone
This is the actual command I use

find VisionFive2 -type f -name "*" | xargs perl -p -i -e 's/git\@github\.com\:/https\:\/\/\//g'
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maybe you can config your github ssh keys in your github account

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