Cannot build my GLES game

Supertux use libsdl2 and expects opengl not opengl es - this is actually not supported out of the box. Graphics API support on the VisionFive 2 - #8 by mzs

Maybe there are some hacks somewhere to use vulkan or a wrapper to use opengl es

Gentoo paket depgraph:

  • dependency graph for games-arcade/supertux-0.6.3-r2
    – games-arcade/supertux-0.6.3-r2
    – dev-games/physfs-3.0.2-r1 (>=dev-games/physfs-3.0) ~riscv
    – dev-libs/boost-1.81.0-r1 (dev-libs/boost) ~riscv [nls]
    – media-libs/freetype-2.12.1-r2 (media-libs/freetype) ~riscv
    – media-libs/glew-2.2.0 (media-libs/glew) ~riscv
    – media-libs/libpng-1.6.39 (media-libs/libpng) ~riscv
    – media-libs/libsdl2-2.26.2 (>=media-libs/libsdl2-2.0.1) ~riscv [joystick video]
    – media-libs/libvorbis-1.3.7-r1 (media-libs/libvorbis) ~riscv
    – media-libs/openal-1.22.2-r1 (media-libs/openal) ~riscv
    – media-libs/sdl2-image-2.0.5_p20210328-r1 (>=media-libs/sdl2-image-2.0.0) ~riscv [png jpeg]
    – net-misc/curl-7.87.0-r2 (>=net-misc/curl-7.21.7) ~riscv
    **virtual/opengl-7.0-r2 (virtual/opengl) ~riscv **
    – media-libs/glm- (media-libs/glm) ~riscv
    – virtual/pkgconfig-2-r1 (virtual/pkgconfig) ~riscv
    – dev-util/ninja-1.11.1-r2 (>=dev-util/ninja-1.8.2) ~riscv
    – dev-util/cmake-3.25.2 (>=dev-util/cmake-3.20.5) ~riscv