Armbian Release

Another option is to use this build of Debian 12 Bookworm:

This, same as all available Debian images around, is Debian Sid/unstable, not Bookworm/testing. The Debian repository ships riscv64 packages only via unofficial ports in Sid/unstable :wink:. But this fact is unrelated to eMMC boot, of course.


my trials with armbian are stalled because the GUI is basically unusable by how slow everything is. I’m back to the official debian image.

in some time i will try to see the progress of armbian. as far as the eMMC is concerned, I doubt that there is some integrity problem on my eMMC module because even with armbian, after loading the image with dd, the image does not start, leaving the dip switches on 0 0 and removing the micro sd.

at this point I focus on my other post related to the official debian and my problem with eMMC, in the next few days I will finally be able to publish the logs obtained with the serial.


this image works, there is a little flickering on my 4k tv
i still can’t use my nvme i don’t know if i damaged it or is it a software issue. I get random errors and timeouts

Sounds like power supply issues, what sort of power supply are you using? 5v only (non PD) supplies seem to cause issues for nvme user’s.


I am writing to inform you that armbian has stopped the releases with the GUI, probably they realized that the GUI was not really usable with all that slowness.

we await news


They still have GUI in their rolling releases.

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yes, I confirm that the image with the GUI is back in the rolling releases in the list below but it is always practically unusable due to the slowness.

the version without GUI instead is usable

to warn you that since August there are no more armbian releases with GUI.

only sid based CLI release is available, they also removed ubuntu based lunar version

maybe there are no developers at work, it’s a pity that there is only the daily release


Love that Armbian are in on this. They always seem to clean up the mess manufacturers make. How is it with all the demos shown etc, that there still is no stable distro for VisionFive 2… I’m betting Armbian will be a good long-term stable release though.

use the correct versions where DE works (including video playback in the window).

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I assume if one is to update the bootloader this way, that it would not break compatibility with the ‘official’ Debian images that just came out . ( mine is booting from eMMC with the latest Debian, and while having armbian woudl be nice, id hate to break it )

Installing the update does not affect the launch of other systems in any way.

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Great, just making sure i have seen cases with things like Rock5b that would. Had to send my v2 board back for repair due hardware problems, and would hate to break it now :slight_smile:

However, the link to the boot loader tosses an error. Its a Russian translation so may not be ‘right’, but says: ‘bad request’

For some unknown reason, the same link in the first message of the topic does not work, I duplicated it in the lower messages and it works there.

thank you. Hard to follow all the threads around here so much overlap and such. That one works. Will do an update tonight after hours. Again, thanks.

There is a main topic where Armbian for VF2 is discussed (and in particular the use of the u-boot update, how it works on different versions u-boot).

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Having tried different images for a board with 8GB of memory, 4GB is always available, so I made an overlay file to configure the 8GB memory

Has Armbian stopped supporting our board? It’s been a while since I went to the armbian site but now there are no more releases, bad news…

Yeah we currently have no maintainer in the group for it. I might try to shift my focus back to it shortly now that more interest is being shown for it however I will need to discuss some things on builds/etc first for that to be a feasible option.