Armbian for StarFive V1 (build system Ubuntu\Debian)

This is under development, but it is not a fact that it will be added quickly (while there are more urgent tasks).

These settings are in several places.

Yes, but it is in the testing process and still requires some manual work to run.

Added primary support for building Debian images (sid). I also uploaded a test image (20220618) of Armbian Debian Sid for Starfive to the site.
There is a bug, the automatic locale setting does not work at the first start, the US locale is enabled by default, to enable others, you need to manually install and configure.

Ver 20220622 add image Debian Sid (DE XFCE)

ver 20220624 fix locales for Sid Debian

Ver 20220629 for StarFive add image Icewm.

The build system has been fixed and tested, it can be used on a clean system without additional configuration steps.

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New version 20220702 for StarFive. Kernel 5.19-rc4.

An important change. The system has been switched to using the new version of u-boot (in the future it will be a complete transition to UEFI). For details on how to upgrade to the new version of u-boot, see this topic.

Version 20220710.
Important change, Ubuntu\Armbian switched to using UEFI. Debian\Armbian will be switched to using UEFI in the near future, while several packages necessary for UEFI are missing in Debian network repositories for riscv64, with the release of these packages in Debian network repositories or I will temporarily use DEB EFI packages from Ubuntu, Debian images will also be completely switched to the UEFI startup system (grub). It is welcome if there are participants who are ready to help with porting the necessary DEB EFI packages for Debian. By the way, Rick is actively working on adding new DE for RISC-V in Armbian, several new DE’s will be ready soon, if you are interested in specific DE, write to this topic, it will help determine which direction to do first.

The new design, created by Rick, looks very original. :slight_smile:





Ver 20220722.
kernel 5.19-rc7 . New image IceWM.

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Ver 20220729. kernel 5.19-rc8


Ver 20220819. kernel 5.19.0

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is there an extra trick to getting them to boot? I used etcher to write to SD, but none of them do anything…

For proper startup, it is necessary to update the u-boot variables. See the link to the description and details in this message

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thank you. i had assumed that that was already part of the images.

This procedure needs to be performed only once, so the script is not included in the images.

Right, understood its a one-shot thing, just thought it might have been baked in just to avoid the extra step. But i updated and it worked great, booted Armbian just like its supposed to :slight_smile: Compiling netdata now.

Thanks again. is where all my images go for now untill we get a server goign


Ver 20221127 kernel 6.1.0-rc4

Hello. Do you can publish intruction how to build own kernel from source? I see some like it here GitHub - starfive-tech/linux , but what diffenece between it and ubuntu`s mainline. Or if i want to build fresh kernel like 6.2 what i should to do?

In the first message of the topic there is a description of the steps on how to run the build. After launching, select the menu item “creating only the kernel and u-boot”. The system will automatically build a new kernel and create DEB packages for normal installation with dpkg\apt commands. If you want to change the kernel configuration, select the appropriate item when starting the build and get a menu for configuration settings on the screen (analogous to the make menuconfig command). If you need changes in the source code, either create the appropriate patches, or use the CREATE_PATCHES=yes option, details about it are described in the documentation for the Armbian build system.

Please note, you can use the Armbian build system on the device itself (StarFive) or on a PC, the system will do all the necessary steps for pre-configuration itself, you only need to tell it what you want to get at the output - the full image or just the kernel.