Armbian for StarFive (build system Ubuntu\Debian)

I added an alpha version (risc-v branch) of getting images for StarFive to the ArmbianTV build system. :slight_smile:

The initial configuration of the running system is performed according to the general documentation for Armbian.
The native build on the device itself does not work yet, you need to use an x86 PC host with Ubuntu.
Please note, this is still the first version of the build system for RISC-V in ArmbianTV and many functions have not yet been tested in it. To use the build system, you need to clone the git, switch to the risc-v branch and run the build command and follow its prompts. For details, see the documentation for the Armbian build system, it is common to all systems.

git clone GitHub - 150balbes/build: Armbian build tools
git checkout risc-v
cd build

The system allows you to build a complete image ready for use, including the kernel and all settings.

So far, the Ubuntu image server assembly has been tested and is working. The resulting image can be easily used to launch, download an archive, unpack and burn to an SD card.

Connect to StarFive and the system starts automatically.

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Uploaded ready-made alpha images of Armbian version 20220611 to the site.


Fixed support for building an image with XFCE and added a test ready-made image with XFCE to the download site. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great Work you made the work I had dont to my own builder not needed. but we have a few things we need userland toold for Bluetooth and Audio will only. work over the jack right now as there is no audio ver the lcd chip

I also would like to see a Debian Sid Image .

where are you setting the repos to use like ports for debian for riscv pkgs like “https:/ /deb_debian_org/debian-ports/”

You can setup the Debian RISC-V port, including Debian Unstable, with debootstrap. See RISC-V - Debian Wiki for more details

I need to know if Bables150 had used his armbian builder and done a sid img . I have the ubunt ate its nice but it needs updating as some parts are missing.

I would like to see him release a debian sid img or point me to all his changes so we can make shure the builder uses the right ver of sid from the debain-ports

This is under development, but it is not a fact that it will be added quickly (while there are more urgent tasks).

These settings are in several places.

Yes, but it is in the testing process and still requires some manual work to run.

Added primary support for building Debian images (sid). I also uploaded a test image (20220618) of Armbian Debian Sid for Starfive to the site.
There is a bug, the automatic locale setting does not work at the first start, the US locale is enabled by default, to enable others, you need to manually install and configure.

Ver 20220622 add image Debian Sid (DE XFCE)

ver 20220624 fix locales for Sid Debian

Ver 20220629 for StarFive add image Icewm.

The build system has been fixed and tested, it can be used on a clean system without additional configuration steps.

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New version 20220702 for StarFive. Kernel 5.19-rc4.

An important change. The system has been switched to using the new version of u-boot (in the future it will be a complete transition to UEFI). For details on how to upgrade to the new version of u-boot, see this topic.