Are sifive StarFIVE suport QT now?

is sifive StarFIVE suport QT now?We have a project need to use.

RISC-V is not a platform supported by Qt. See Supported Platforms | Qt 6.3

Your support contract with The Qt Company may be able to get you a more authoritative answer or if you’re running something like QNX. It’s also possible that the open source edition has been ported by a Linux team, for example. Until recently, that would have been hamstrung by the clank port of ChromeEngine, but I think that’s recently (like, really recently in Qt-years) been accepted. It’s possible that the QtCore subset is ported even if ChromeEngine (which would probably recurse down to WebAssembly and V8) aren’t.

Exactly what packages of Qt are you looking for and on what OS?

Our previous project was to use arm linux +QT hardware platform 4418 or rk3399, compiled on unbuntu, run on the target board, modify the startup items without using the desktop, but now want to port to your board, I want to upgrade in the future project to get more potential

We are porting QT, Next-generation VisionFive will support it.

Qt5 and Qt6 can be run on RISC-V already, even if it is not officially supported by the Qt company. In fact, Debian already has both versions included in their riscv64 port.

Just mind that VisionFive has no GPU so fancy rendering features based on OpenGL will not work (or be slow).