Archlinux Kernel PKGBUILD along with SD card image

PKGBUILD: GitHub - saeziae/pkgbuild-linux-starfive-visionfive2: Linux kernel for starfive visionfive 2
SD card image (password: archlinux):


The 20230227 Image is known to be buggy (although easy to fix), please use newer images at


# archlinux-riscv-sf-vf2-20230305.img.zst
- Fix the problem of pacman
- Add systemd-networkd default profiles (DHCP) for both ethernet port
- Enable systemd-networkd service by default

Consider uploading your kernel PKGBUILD to the AUR.

Thank you for this.

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I remember aur’s rules do not allow no-x86 target packages

They’re definitely OK with it, as there’s examples aplenty.

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What build script are you using for your image?

@saeziae maybe you’ve misunderstood this following rule from AUR: Arch package guidelines - ArchWiki
I agree with @rvalles that you should provide it on AUR. That may at least increase its visibility.

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Even better, posting it to GitHub - felixonmars/archriscv-packages: Modified Arch Linux packages for archriscv would make the built package available directly.

Maybe I’ve missed something but I don’t think that can be possible.
If I’m not wrong, this repo provides patches that allow the compilation of packages with reference to the x86 architecture.

Ah blast I hoped it could host some standalone packages too, but I may be mistaken. :frowning:

The owner of this repo is also one of Arch Linux developer (x86 branch) Arch Linux - Developers.
According to me, he is providing this repo to be able to create in the future a real riscv arch linux flavor.
I’ve also heard that some guys from Manjaro know and use this repo to provide in the future a riscv manjaro distro. For now, they have only provided unofficially some packages for riscv…
So, back to our topic, I hope, in the future, that we can choose our kernel flavor and maybe the one from @saeziae if provided as an AUR package :wink:

I am exactly in ArchRV’s dev group, I have mentioned your idea of adding this kernel to ArchRV, but currently ArchRV only accept mainline kernel.

However I will still provide packages in my personal repo (already written to image) and I submitted it to AUR (if TUs not deleting it, I think they allow it)

Since linux 5.15 does not support image decompression with UEFI (supported since version 6.1 with CONFIG_EFI_ZBOOT) could you also provide the uncompressed Image in addition to vmlinuz (Image.gz) in the package?

Since linux 5.15 does not support image decompression with UEFI

Is some form of UEFI already working on VF2?

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U-Boot! UEFI on U-Boot — Das U-Boot unknown version documentation


Updated the kernel using config from Manjaro’s linux-515 as base. Now the features are complete, things like ipv6, tproxy, wireguard, etc are all included. Several patch works are done to bring it up. 80b1316

And @ROSsi15 I realised that vmlinux (no vmlinuz) is already provided by headers package.


You are a rock star!