Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2

how to startxfce4?gpu driver is not work?thanks

I don’t know. as I mentioned that I planed to use this image as a home server, not for GUI, I don’t focus on trying to make it able to run X or Wayland.

thanks lot ,it`s so exciting :grin:

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You are welcome to try anyway. :sunglasses:

Would you consider packaging the kernel you build into a linux-vf2 PKGBUILD, ideally built by (so that it ends up managed by pacman as well)?

No, I considered my custom kernel as an extremely experimental. Very unstable actually. I would left this kind of stuffs in a professional hand.

Thanks for the great work! I’ll try asap when my board arrive next week. I’m so exited for start porting packages to riscv64 in arch

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