Arch Linux Image for VisionFive 2

The linux-6 patch is no longer needed, it was removed from PKGBUILD.

Unfortunately I forgot to removed it from git, makepkg will not use any file that wasn’t specified in the source variable.

Ah ok thanks for clearing this up.

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cwt19 is released :sunglasses: Release cwt19 · cwt-vf2/archlinux-image-vf2 · GitHub


I forgot to add udev rules for Mutter to the img-gpu package. Please update it to release 6 if you intend to run the GNOME desktop.

$ wget
$ sudo pacman -U img-gpu-vf2-1.19.6345021-6-riscv64.pkg.tar.zst

I’m still enjoying my extended weekend; however, I couldn’t resist connecting remotely to my board and building a new kernel.

Here’s the kernel for the upcoming cwt20 image: cwt20-5.10.3-1 Release

If you are using the cwt19 image, you can download this update script and execute the following commands:

$ wget
$ chmod 755
$ ./

While I am capable of building a new image remotely, I prefer not to release an image without physically testing it on a real SD card. Therefore, the cwt20 image should be ready after the new year.

Happy New Year to All!


Works like a charm with K3S. Thanks. Now updating the rest of the nodes


The new image cwt20 is released: Release cwt20 · cwt-vf2/archlinux-image-vf2 · GitHub

The build script is changed a little bit: Comparing cwt19...cwt20 · cwt-vf2/archlinux-image-vf2 · GitHub

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Thank you CWT! thank Arch_cwt20!

VF2(8GB) + Arch_cwt20 Imgae + TF(Samsung_A1_white)+ Sway + MPV(Hardware Decoding) = Smooth playback, Clear image, colorful

I’m very sorry, I’m an elderly Chinese person who doesn’t quite understand English. I can only express my gratitude in this simple way!(非常抱歉,我是一个中国老人,不太懂英文,只能用这种简单的方式表达感谢!)

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Hi, after sudo pacman -Syuu, I get slow desktop environments and everything is slow.It doesn’t seem to use xorg or wayland on gpu. Any new image that fixes that? I got 8 gb version visionfive v2.


Can you tell me which packages got updated on your latest pacman -Syu?

Actually the base image doesn’t work when installing a DE for me even xfce4 on Xorg. I added fb0 to xorg conf but it’s really slow.


hi , I agree with your choice of xfce4, xfce4 = Lightweight。only,I have tested and researched VisionFive 2:
Xorg = slow : xfce4, lxde, openbox, gnome(x11)…
Wayland = fast :NO.1 Sway, NO.2 Wayfire, NO.3 Gnome(wayland)

(I’m very sorry, I don’t quite understand English. Watch videos


You are right, the X11 on this board is unaccelerated. Wayland is a lot faster.

@riley10 I will post a link to the how to set a Wayland desktop when I reach my office today.

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Thanks cwt。
“I will post a link to the how to set a Wayland desktop”
Please also provide me with a link, I still want to learn and study. Before I came into contact with CWT20, I didn’t understand archLinux.
Thank you.

@lzzhzh @riley10 Here

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Received, thank you cwt.

Today, the Chinese Spring Festival begins, and in a few days, I will study it. I also wish you a happy holiday!

cwt, This link is about introducing Wayfire, but currently there is no Wayfire in CWT20. NO ‘wlogout’ , 'Waybar ’ incomplete。.
Wayland may only be Sway and gnome (Wayland)

Thank you, it’s useful to me.

It may not be useful for riley10.

All the applications mentioned are in the Arch repo or AUR. That’s how Arch works.

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Thank you, although I don’t quite understand. After the Chinese New Year, I will study it seriously. I am a beginner in ArcLinux , I only have 15 days to study archLinux

Stronnag, thank you again

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Good luck and the Arch Wiki is always your friend.


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