Analysis of Running Real-Time Linux on VisionFive 2

This document introduces running RT-Linux on the VisionFive 2 board, showing the performance of the RT-Linux on the VisionFive 2 board. Also, it introduces the development of the RISC-V RT-Linux.

This document presented only the very first steps of assessing the Real-Time Linux on RISCV architecture. There is a huge number of possibilities to study this topic further as other related research is practically nonexistent. Welcome to running and exploring RT-Linux on VisionFive 2.

Most certainly officially supporting the PREEMPT_RT patch on RISC-V would require significant additional effort and probably will not be a reality in a short period of time. However, once this happens the RISC-V architecture should be completely suitable to be used in more demanding industrial applications. Several years later we can see RISC-V SoC will be running on industrial projects.


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