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If you are interested in FET7110-C SoM, please check the official page:https://www.forlinx.net/product/jh7110-som-riscv-141.html

FET7110-C SoM(System on Module) is designed and developed based on the Jinghong(JH)7110 processor of StarFive Technology, with a process of 28 nm, an open source RISC-V architecture, a main frequency of 1.5 GHz, and four integrated RISC-V cores; JH7110 RISC-V chip has been mass-produced, featuring high performance, multi-function and low power consumption, providing powerful GPU processing capability, supporting multi-video coding and decoding, and supporting common function interfaces such as 2xPCIe 2.0, 2xGigabit Ethernet and 2xCAN 2.0. The SoM supports Linux 5.15.0 operating system, which is suitable for the development of industrial vision related applications.

FET7110-C SoM Highlights:

•RISC-V, open source;
• Quad-core RISC-V processor up to 1.5GHz;
• Versatile: 2x PCIe2.0, 2x 1GbE, 2x CAN2.0;
• Advanced GPU for multi-media processing;
• Well supported OS Linux5.15.0;
• Dynamic power control;